A world where LGBT Youth can achieve their FULL potential.  And we need YOU!

We know that LGBTQia youth have amazing gifts and talents to share with the world, and we want to be sure that their light can shine as brightly as possible.

Currently, LGBTQia youth are less likely to succeed academically and have as many employment opportunities.  It's time for that to change.


We need to do this together.

In coffee shops, living rooms, at GSAs, community centers, even churches, there are committed adults - parents, educators, providers, researchers and professionals (to name a few) who care enough to create new organizations, initiatives, groups and more to help LGBTQia youth.  And there are youth not only looking out for each other, but also helping to find food, housing, personal and other supports.  It's a vibrant safety net that gets larger and deeper and stronger.  We are going to publicize these efforts and connect people.  And we need you to help us do that - and MORE .


In person, on the front lines, or at your computer while you binge watch (insert your favorite show name here) we need YOU.

You can be part of emerging street outreach teams for youth experiencing homelessness - become a mentor, share your wisdom and experiences in person.  Or (maybe AND) you can be a force at your home, calling medical and mental health providers to see if they are safe and accepting for LGBTQia youth.  You can compile resources in your community - and others.  There is no limit to what YOU can do to help youth that need it most!