Note: These resources have been distributed as part of the LGBTQ Youth Suicide Prevention Pilot Program in Provo, Utah 

American Association of Suicidology: LGBT Resource Sheet (
American Association of Suicidology: Suicidal Behavior Among LGBT Youth LGBT Fact Sheet

Best Practices in Creating and Delivering LGBT Cultural Competency Trainings (

Celebrating LGBTQ Youth:  The Role of Educators and Families (

Family Acceptance Project General Booklet and Family Acceptance Project Latter-day Saint Booklet (
These family education booklets have been designated as a “Best Practice” resource for suicide prevention for LGBT people.

Guidelines for School Based Suicide Prevention Programs (
Developed by the Prevention Division of the American Association of Suicidology, this guide provides practical recommendations.

Helpful Websites and Online Resources List (Continuum of Care for LGBTQ Youth)


LGBTQ Youth Suicide Facts and Resources Trifold (Continuum of Care for LGBTQ Youth)

Suicide Prevention among LGBT Youth: A Workshop for Professionals Who Serve Youth (
The kit contains everything you need to host a workshop: a Leader's Guide, sample agenda, PowerPoint presentations, sample script, and handouts. The workshop includes lecture, small group exercises, and group discussion. All these can be adapted to meet the needs of your audiences.

LGBTQ Youth Suicide Prevention Presentation (Continuum of Care for LGBTQ Youth)


Mormon Resources (Continuum of Care for LGBTQ Youth)

A variety of online groups, websites and resources for LGBTQ / SSA Latter-day Saints and the people who love them.

LGBTQ and Religion (Continuum of Care for LGBTQ Youth)
Resources and links for some of the best information on the intersection of religion, spirituality and LGBTQ.

Model School District Policy On Suicide Prevention (
In collaboration with the American School Counselor Association, the National Association of School Psychologists, and The Trevor Project, the program is research-based, and easily adaptable for middle and high schools with specific, actionable steps to support school personnel; sample language for student handbooks; suggestions for involving parents and guardians in suicide prevention; and guidance for addressing in-school suicide attempts. 

Suicide Risk and Prevention for LGBT Youth
Addresses the special concerns and outlines recommendations for helping to reduce suicidal behavior among LGBT youth.

Talking About Suicide and LGBT Populations (AFSP, Trevor, GLSEN, GLAAD) (
Guidance for both news and social media in safe reporting of suicide events among LGBT populations that may be related to bullying. Intended to promote thoughtful public discussion and prevent contagion associated with sensational language. 

Transgender Suicide:  Myths, Reality and Help (
Includes list of warning signs for suicide;  Myths and realities about suicide;  How to listen to those who may be at risk for suicide;  How to help those at risk for suicide;  A list of resources for those at risk for suicide.

Trevor LifeGuard Materials (
A 1-hour interactive workshop for middle school, high school and college-age youth.

UNI Crisis Services Overview  (