ALL youth, including LGBTQia youth, should be safe from bullying and harassment at school.  Buses, classrooms, locker rooms, play grounds, bathrooms, cafeterias, school events, clubs, athletic teams - each of these areas, need to be as safe and welcoming for students as possible.  Bullying from students, teachers, administrators and staff and unsafe school climates have been shown to reduce academic achievement, reduce involvement in school and community activities, decrease school attendance and increase depression, suicidal ideation, use of substances and addiction - and more.  Safer schools for ALL students should be an unalienable right, and it is a goal not only worth working towards, but one that our society (meaning each of us) cannot continue to ignore.

Read more in this section to learn about data and stats, programs and strategies that work, and specific information about GSAs (gay-straight alliances), students rights, what YOU can do, and more.  And if you have a wonderful resource to share, please DO!