When it comes to scholarships, there are a large number available to LGBTQ youth and youth who grew up with LGBTQ family members.


You can access a great list of scholarships for LGBTQ students at nerdwallet. Among the best is the Point Foundation LGBTQ Scholarship, which provides on average $10,000 to 20- 30 students who display leadership qualities.


Another good resource is HRC’s LGBTQ scholarship database, which allows you to find scholarships according to state. PFLAG Salt Lake City offers five students $1,000, and the Equality Leadership Fund Scholarship also offers $1,000 to students who display leadership qualities.


FinAid.org is another great resource for LGBTQ scholarships. Listed is the Gammu Mu Foundation Scholarship offers $19,000 to gay youth pursuing secondary education.


FastWeb is also a great database for scholarships, and allows you to see both the newest offered scholarships as well as the largest.


A great tip is to call the LGBTQ resource center at colleges you are interested in applying to. Often they can give you a list of local scholarships you can apply to.

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